CRISPIN ROBJENT  Portrait Artist


Prices upon request
This is an additional expense. The use of a car to travel to clients (for sittings etc) is charged at 45 pence per mile.
A deposit of 50% of the total cost of a commissioned work, excluding travel expenses, is payable to the artist before a commission is undertaken. The remaining 50% plus travel expenses, is payable upon completion of the work. (This applies equally where the framing of the finished work is to be assisted by the artist.)
This is ultimately the responsibility of the client but can  be assisted by the artist if required.The artist can deliver the completed portrait to the framer (for which travel expenses will be added to the final cost of the picture); after which time any discussion about aspects of the framing such as delivery, cost, etc. is to be conducted between the client and the framer directly.
For a charcoal drawing framing usually costs an additional 15 - 20%  of the cost of the picture.
For a painting framing usually costs an additional 5 - 10% of the cost of the picture.